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Last updated January 2022.

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Jan 13, 2022

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Jan 6, 2022

I briefly changed my site name to "darkroom999" like my url but then I realized that it's a juice wrld thing and I'm not some kind of juice wrld stan so I changed it back. Damn juice wrld why did you have to claim such a great number...

If you're curious why I like 999, it's because it's 666 (a great number) upside down and I have a weird obsession with the late 90s, especially the year 1999.

Jan 5, 2022

I wrote some javascript so the youtube videos in my "music" section only load when you click on the thumbnail. My site now loads 10x faster. I still need to add a "play" button, though.

Jan 4, 2022

Using technology "slowly"

I recently realized something about how I use my phone and laptop. These devices have become an extension of my body, in that using them is as effortless as walking. Too effortless. When I'm bored, I sometimes catch myself absentmindedly twiddling through the home screen of my phone, swiping across the different screens and opening up apps I don't need to use at that moment. When I had the Reddit and Instagram apps, instantly clicking on either of them when I opened up my phone became an instant reflex, even if I had intended to use my phone for something else just a few seconds earlier. Swiping down to refresh the feed on those apps was also deeply burned into my muscle memory. Even with it off my phone, I'm still trying to kick my reddit habit. Switching back to "old reddit" has helped, since the old homepage doesn't show all-new content when you hit refresh, but it's still too easy to get sucked into the plethora of content, even if most of it is garbage. My lightning-fast trackpad isn't doing me any favors when it comes to tech addiction.

So today I turned down my pointer speed and scrolling speed in the hope that I would take the time to actually read what people have to say, and "savor" it like a good cigar or burger or something, instead of frantically searching for my next online dopamine hit. I was inspired by this video of the early web. Look at how long it takes for those pages to load! Like the old saying goes, patience is a virtue.

Speaking of slow loading, I'm going to have to do something about all my embedded YouTube videos!

Jan 3, 2022

Recent projects

arduino project 1
Made this color changing moodlight with my new arduino and electronics kit. The code changes the brightness of the LEDs using pulse-width modulation and sine waves
arduino project 2
This isn't as impressive, but I used an 8-bit shift-register IC to control 8 LEDs, making a binary "counter"
speaker woofers
I refoamed some woofers using a kit from ebay, my first time doing a repair like this
Here are the speakers themselves. I got them for free from my neighbor's old house (R. I. P.) and they sound surprisingly good!

Jan 1, 2022

An alternative to lorem ipsum

From CSS Tricks. Trigger warning: not vegan

"Pork filet mignon ball tip drumstick shankle doner salami pastrami. Ham cow beef ribs burgdoggen drumstick cupim. Swine ground round kevin, bresaola pig strip steak porchetta turkey picanha andouille doner. Jerky frankfurter short loin boudin filet mignon strip steak. Shoulder hamburger sirloin beef pastrami pork chop shankle ham hock spare ribs ground round jowl. Pork belly burgdoggen frankfurter t-bone, cupim short loin ham. Beef ribs fatback t-bone prosciutto, cupim capicola spare ribs chicken."

Jan 1, 2022

Happy new year! Let's see what crazy shit this year throws at us.

Tis the season of getting yourself gifts with the gift cards you got for christmas. I just bought a boss tuner pedal, a guitar pedal power supply, some electronic components for making arduino stuff, and I was thinking of getting a couple of CDs but my good Discman is at my apartment so maybe later. Just realized that High on Fire's debut release isn't on Spotify. Finally a CD purchase that actually makes sense! It's also one of their best albums. I put it in my "music" section just now.

boss tuner pedal
I can't wait for this thing to arrive. I don't care about your boutique vintage tube fuzz, this is the best pedal of all time. I'm also a huge fan of durable stuff that just works (TM) and this is the definition of that. Maybe I should make a "buy it for life" section?

Dec 29, 2021

Links now open in new tabs. Go click em. Or else >:)

Dec 24, 2021

grinch 1
grinch 2
grinch 3
big booty grinch

Dec 24, 2021

Dec 23, 2021

I'm going to add embedded youtube videos to my "music" section. Hang tight while it's under construction!

Dec 13, 2021

It's that time of year again.

Same. (Fr tho I just want to be happy)

Recently I've been thinking about how Charlie Brown Christmas might eventually get "cancelled" because of its references to Christianity. But don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those "Keep Christ in Christmas" people, nor am I even Christian. I just hope it doesn't get replaced with something of lesser quality,b ecause let's face it, nothing can ever beat Charlie Brown Christmas.

Also, I think a lot of gift giving is economically wasteful and detrimental to the environment. Only buy someone something if they actually want it! My extended family used to give each other dumb little things inside stockings. Like, for example, those cheap dollar-store LED flashlights or a Kylo Ren tin filled with q-tips. Like, I get that those things are useful to an extent, but I don't actually need them. And workplace things like "white-elephant" exchanges seem fun and all but I'd rather spend my money on a gift that will either A: be useful, or B: actually mean something to someone. It seems like a lot of wasted money and resources. I think my family has like 4 bluetooth speakers from white elephants. We don't need that many!

I know that's a lot of negativity for the holiday season, but sometimes it needs to be said. Hope everyone has a great December.

If you can hear this image, you had an awesome childhood.

Dec 10, 2021

I like to do little designs in Illustrator every once in a while, so here are some I've made recently.

parental advisory logo by jmc
parental advisory logo by jmc
radio antenna art by jmc

Dec 10, 2021

Those 88x31 buttons are super cool but I'm honestly getting rid of them because I don't want my site to look like everyone else's and I'm not really going for that kind of aesthetic. I linked a huge collection of them in my "nice places on the web" tho!

Dec 10, 2021

I've gotten pretty much everything done for finals and I'm planning on going back home on Saturday. I've heard that the class I'm taking this winter is going to be easy, too. But I won't be ablee to see my gf for a while :(
Also fuck my Apple keyboard! I also have to get that replaced. Luckily my laptop is currently less than 4 years old, so they will replace it for free (fingers crossed). The E key repeats every so often and it pisses me off.
Anyway here's what I saw on a walk today.

Cat coven.

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Opeth – Benighted
High on Fire – 10,000 Years
Clutch – I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth
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Aaron Parks – Harvesting Dance
Kyuss - N.O.
The Microphones - The Moon

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